Chess is an iconic game of intelligence and requires utmost concentration. Let us now have a look at the list of top ten chess players of all the times. Our Indian champion Viswanathan Anand received a chess board themed cake from an ardent fan designed by a Flowers And Cake Delivery company. link will help us know in detail about the chess players who ruled the game.

Bobby Fischer
He was brilliant at the chessboard but ruined his bright career. He became a grandmaster at the mere age of fifteen, rare in his times. He Skipped many international games between 1968 and 1970. He defeated the most celebrated player Petrosian four times in a row creating history.

Garry Kasparov
He had the ultimate opening preparation and was the reigning king for several years. His game and style were unique and different. In a match against Karpov, a young Kasparov defeated him by five games unanimously. After he started playing like Karpov, the match was canceled after months because the scores were leveled. At last, Kasparov won after a new game was arranged.

Alexander Alekhine
He is considered to be greater than Capablanca because of his superior preparation moves and plans. He chose his positions in such a way that he was much ahead of his time. Alekhine considered Kasparov to be his ideal and their styles were also similar.

Jose Raul Capablanca
He had a natural talent,and his moves came quickly to him making him overconfident and a bit lazy. He used to play chess since the age of four and was inspired by his father. He is a mythological figure in the game of chess.

Magnus Carlsen
He is known to be the Mozart of chess and the youngest grandmaster. He achieved many laurels at the age of 26. He does not rely on opening preparation and goes with theoretical moves. Many other grandmasters study the lines after twenty moves but not Carlsen.

Anatoly Karpov
He was the world champion in the period 1975-1985. His only loss was against Karpov. He used to concentrate only on his play and never paid attention to his opponent’s moves. He used to be unmoved in any situation and displayed unusual brilliance.

Viswanathan Anand
Anand is a genius born only for chess. He was the most significant rival of Kramnik. His aura and sheer presence could make finish off even the toughest of duals in ten minutes. He was in the top five spots for almost twenty years.

Vladimir Kramnik
He was the only person to beat Kasparov by winning all the sets in a match. He had his share of controversies. He changed the classical game of chess with his enigmatic moves. He lost against Shirov in 1998. He was the top five contenders for many years.

Mikhail Botvinnik
Karpov and Kasparov were his disciples,and even though he was not an active world champion, his contribution to the game of chess is memorable and valued. He is considered as the Patriarch of Soviet chess school.

Emanuel Lasker
He held his champion title for 27 years and was the dearest friend of Sir Albert Einstein. His strategies are the best till now and would bet on the fear and insecurities of his opponents. His moves are physiological.

Chess Sets That Promise To Bedazzle You

Chess is an ancient game, played between two opponents on a chessboard that is made up of 64 squares. Each player starts the game with sixteen pieces that include the king, the queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and finally eight pawns. The player attempts to capture his or her opponent’s king to be declared the winner of the game. This ancient game is believed to have originated from the Indian subcontinent somewhere around the seventh century, though some are of the opinion that it might have originated in China. Nevertheless, this game is a battle of wits amongst the two opponents which involves a lot of strategic planning and the ability to outsmart the opponent.

Several chess tournaments are held all over the world in an attempt to find the top players each year. Amongst these competitions, the World Championship is a league of its own. The chessboard is in the form of an 8 x 8 grid. These squares are made up of two alternating colours that are usually light and dark to create the checkerboard. Chess sets come in several different shapes and sizes. You can find simple wooden sets to play a match with your friends or choose to fog or a gorgeous gold chess set that has been set with diamonds.

The most expensive chess set is believed to have been created by the French artist, Bernard Maquin with over 9900 white and black diamonds. It took over 4500 hours to be completed and is believed to be a simply fabulous. Some jewellers like Tiffany, I Love Diamonds and Harry Winston offer its customers the chance to own a spectacular chess set to play a battle of wits with their friends and family.

According to fitness experts at websites like playing chess can keep health issues like dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. at bay for a longer period of time. Several recent studies have observed that young kids also benefit a lot from learning to play chess as they pick up skills on how to strategize to reach a particular goal. Chess is also believed to help kids with their concentration and focus, which can benefit them as they go through life.

The different types of chess sets that are available can actually help motivate youngsters to latch on the game faster. You can find large chessboard sheets which come with chess pieces that are quite large in size. Kids find these quite appealing as they have to pick up each piece with both their hands for each move. If you are considering getting a chess set as a gift for chess lover, try getting one of the gold sets, as they last really long. Playing with a gold chess set that has each chess piece embedded with diamonds can be an experience in itself. Honestly, though, the truth is that no matter which set you choose, the game is the winner at the end of the day. So set out that chess board and invite someone over to play a game of chess and mull over life and its complexities.

Chess Tables and Chess Game Tables

Chess tables are a great part of any chess collection. There are two kinds of game tables. Tables that have just a chess board are great for chess or checker players. But, if many games are necessary, multi-game tables can be found that include any combination of chess, backgammon, cribbage, checkers, and cards.

Think about your need for storage in your table. This is especially true if you plan to play several different games and can’t store the pieces on the game table.

Finding space to play chess can be a challenge, especially if there are a lot of family members sharing the same house! A table makes a great addition to your home. The table will ensure you always have a place to play chess or any number of games. Tables also have storage room to keep pieces neat and protected.

A game table is perfect for any home. A lasting place to play games will keep your home neat and orderly. Once you’ve experienced how great it is to have a game table, you will ask yourself how you ever lived without one!

Chess Sets & Chess Pieces

If you have just started playing the game of chess, you will want chess sets that will last for a long time. Usually the more expensive the set, the longer it will last. Do you want a set that you will play on extensively or one for decoration such as collector sets? How you use the set will basically determine how much you want to spend on it. The sets in use today havent changed much from past times. Shop around and enjoy some of the different and beautifully designed chess sets in the world today. You are bound to find that set that is right for you.

A complete line of chess sets and chess pieces, from small travel and analysis sets to large patio chess pieces. You can find tournament sets, both wood and plastic, or decorative and themed chess pieces for play or display.

You will find here sets made from all kinds of material, and in any style imaginable.

Revelation II with Ebony Pieces Luxury Wooden Chess Set and Integrated Chess Computer

Play against the strongest chess programs. Play at a real wooden board and pieces. Analyze your games using famous world class chess engines. Play against internet opponents. Broadcast your games live via the internet. Optional Emulation Retro Engines.
ChessCentral now offers the new French Knight design pieces at a very conservative price. This Staunton pattern wooden set comes with a 3 inch King.

The board is a perfect matching size of 1.5 inch squares. The board has a veneer top of Ebony and Maple and is 14″ x 14″. Truly a beautiful board to accent your new French Knight pieces. You won’t find a nicer wooden set and board at this price!

Tournament Chess Set
Tournament Chess Set – Deluxe. 34 piece triple weighted Staunton plastic chess pieces (2 extra Queens!) * Tear-Resistant Vinyl roll-up board in your choice of colors * Chess Tote made of durable canvas to carry your set * Includes the Timekeeper Quartz clock * Great starter set for kids and adults!
Strato 3D Chess
trato 3D Chess. Strato Chess offers a challenge not to be found in the traditional game of chess. Here, you play in three dimensions instead of two. Each player must think of the game in terms of left and right, forward and back, as well as up and down, as the pieces are suspended along three planes of space. Players risk being attacked from above and below as well as from the traditional two dimensions. Strato Chess is three times the challenge for any chess lover. It will put your powers of concentration to the real test! Board is 10.5″ high and made of brushed aluminum with black and clear playing surfaces. Chess boards are 8″x8″. Take your chess game to the third dimension!
Quality Giant Chess Set
The giant chess pieces and board is perfect for playing chess outdoors, in your garden, sandy beach and playground. Made with all weather plastic that resists heat, cold and the elements.
African Chess Sets
African chess sets can be the perfect gift. They are usually made from resin, exotic wood, or crushed marble. The sets often represent an animal that is native to the country. Most don’t play on them, but keep them as a collector’s item. The animals that inhabit Africa are usually made in great detail in the chess sets.
Standard Walnut Chess Board Packages
These complete chess set packages include a set of and our high quality Staunton chessmen and Standard Walnut and Maple Chess Board. Black chess pieces create a nice contrast with this chess board while the color of golden rosewood chessmen are a perfect color match with the walnut. Select from a wide range of models and sizes to fit anyone’s taste and budget.