Grandmaster Secrets Testimonials

I wish to write that studying of a video course «The Grandmaster’s secrets» by Igor Smirnov has changed my chess outlook to a considerable degree. First of all, the course learns to think correctly during the chess game. When you start to think in a correct direction, progress in understanding of game occurs quickly and effectively.

Otherwise, the player at some instant understands that as though he tried to continue to accumulate further knowledge – the effect from it will be very small. It was happened with me. One day I realized that my training brings no progress at all.

Course studying has allowed me to systematise the thought process appreciably. I have understood about what it is necessary to think during the game first of all; on what to concentrate the attention during the game.

Besides improvement of system of thinking, the course also has opened my eyes on the basic ideas and principles by which it is necessary to be guided in an opening, middlegame and an endgame. Also I have learnt how to find the concrete moves properly. Formerly I tried to avoid the complicated positions – now I feel comfortable in these situations.

Though I am not an Englishman, I understood everything clearly. Besides, the course contains the text version of lectures also. It is very convenient.

In general studying of this course strongly motivated me to continue to be engaged in chess and to reach deep level of understanding of this game. And I have understood that it is quite real goal!

Igor Smirnov’s course: “The Grandmaster’s Secrets” offers a crystal clear approach to self-improvement on a practical level.

He explains, in easy to understand language, the necessary way of thinking that one must use throughout the Opening, Middlegame, and Endgame to achieve high level results. Igor also explains many typical mistakes that beginners make when trying to study by themselves without a trainer.

I highly recommend this course to anyone above 1200 ELO and truly believe that it can take you to the FM level and beyond.

Konstantin Fedoseev, USA

In this course, you will learn what makes a Grandmaster a master at chess. Is it his training or just psychology? We will reveal the secret of handling a wide variety of games, ranging from rapid games to standard games. Click on the above graphic for access to this wonderful 2nd Edition Training Course!
We live in an age where there is a lot information in the form of chess books and videos. The problem is they are copies from a database without explanation, or they are moves that provide a superficial explanation of the position with the view to meet the level of the average club player. Knowledge is provided, but omit the needs of the progressive student. No IM or GM wishes to give their own secret analysis because they want to keep it to themselves for their own use. Hence, why club players don’t improve because the source information is concealed.

By contrast GM Igor Smirnov is not scared to be honest telling you what the professional chess player actually does today. His focus on quality helps you to lift your mediocre standards. His approach is simple and effective. Igor’s tuition comes from his own experience, so he knows what he is talking about. As Igor states “proved by practice”.

However, such a serious teacher requires a serious and aspiring student, and if you are willing to accept his recommendations then you will achieve your chess goals.

IA. Dr. Christopher Wright (New Zealand)

International Arbiter of FIDE
“GM Igor Smirnov has developed an effective system of chess improvement. If you follow his advice, you will become a stronger player. To back up my claim, I have evidence that following Igor’s system will get you good results.

Recently, I won a qualification tournament for a GM round robin (first in my life) with GM norm chances! I am really happy!””

Keith Mac Kinnon, Canada

My son Justin started chess at the age of five and soon began bringing home trophies from local children’s chess tournaments.

Elated, I began to ask coaches to give him private lessons and bought several chess books. But the books were too dry for an eight-year-old. His progress was slow and bumpy. In many a game, he could not find a single tactics to employ. Sometimes, he simply did not know how to proceed. The games became lifeless.I did not know how to help him improve other than switching coaches. That is how I stumbled into Igor.

From the first lesson, I became instantly fascinated by his simple clear teaching. He focuses on a few cardinal principles of the chess games that makes sense to the students and who can apply in the games. He supplements the principles with a systemic way of thinking to find the best moves in every turn.

Justin’s game took off immediately. In the next few months, he was gaining 200 ICC points in rating per month until 2000. He excitedly reported that when he followed the principles learned from the lessons, the positions on the board became so favorable that tactics just came to him. I can honestly say this: as far as my boy is concerned, Igor is the best chess coach in the world!

The Staunton Chess Set

The Staunton chess set is made up of a particular type of chess pieces to play chess. The style is used for competition. The design was created by Nathaniel Cook and was named after the chess player Howard Staunton. The pieces are the standard pieces of use.

The Staunton pieces look like columns with wide bases and felt covering the bottoms. Knights look like horses. The king has a stylish closed crown and a cross pattee. Queens have a coronet top with a tiny ball. Rooks resemble castles and bishops look like a western style mitre. Pawns being small are topped by a round ball.

The Staunton set got it’s stamp of approval from FIDE, the World Chess Federation, because in 1924 it was selected as FIDE’s choice of set, for use in all international chess tournaments.
The Staunton Pattern Chessmen… Nothing can heighten your chess-playing experience more than the feel and weight of a finely crafted Staunton chess set. Since its inception more than one hundred and fifty years ago, the Staunton pattern for chess pieces has become the standardized hallmark of modern chess. The House of Staunton is proud to carry on this tradition by producing the world’s finest Staunton Chessmen. Crafted from the finest timbers and 40,000 year old Wooly Mammoth Ivory, these miniature masterpieces are heavily weighted, felted, and have been meticulously handcrafted to replicate the design and proportions of the original Staunton pattern chess set that was first made by the firm John Jaques and Son in 1849.

Chess For Kids


Most chess masters believe chess for kids develops intelligence, self-control, the ability to analyze and better concentration. They also believe that reading skills are exceptionally improved.

Teachers say that chess playing students develop a better ego. They say students who feel confident learn to read better. Chess provides practice in making accurate and fast decisions. This practice can help improve exam scores at school.
Chess for kids. Find the best chess sets, chess pieces, and chess equipment for kids available anywhere!

All products have been tested for ease of use and age appropriateness. Tough and rugged chess equipment for rough and tumble kids!

Remember,chess improves concentration and focus, while they play and learn.

Find the best chess software programs for kids and beginners available anywhere. All products have been tested to be appropriate for kids and easy to use.

While improving concentration and focus, they have fun while they learn. Get your child started in a lifetime of chess today!

Chess for Children

Chess for kids can be a very complex game. If you introduce the game to children in the wrong way, chess can quickly become boring and uninteresting for the child. If that happens, the child will not be interested in anything you say about the game and you may have just lost an aspiring young chess player.

This doesn’t have to be that way. Chess is fun and there are many programs out there to help you teach the child the game of chess. Once the child learns the game, they could very well likely play the game for the rest of their lives. This is what we want.

When you teach a child to play, make sure you use a step by step process and keep the lesson short. Try using the internet to help you teach the child. The child will learn faster when you interact some chess programs that are available on the net. If you have a chess computer, use it.

Always give positive comments and maybe even some type of reward for the childs understanding of what they have just learned. Be patient and keep the game interesting and fun. Move slowly and don’t expect too much of the child too soon. Chess for kids can be a fun experience as long as we teach the game the right way.

Best Chess Articles

Best Chess Articles? There are many chess websites who offer articles on chess. Some of them have excellent content, others have very little. Some have articles that have nothing whatsoever to do with Chess. I have visited many chess websites in my search to find the best articles as I enjoy reading anything about the game I love.
Being that I am not a writer, I can only lead you to what I think are the best articles, and this is only my opinion as I am sure there are others who have their own special preferences to articles. Some great websites actually to come to mind (Sofia Polgar’s Chess Blog, Natalia Pogonina’s website,, just to name a few.

Oh well, let me just share with you my favorite source for articles on chess. has some really good articles. There are articles by GM’s, IM’s, NM’s and just regular chess players like most of us. Visit the website and just take a look at the articles for yourself. I am sure you will enjoy them as much as I do.