About Us

White queen killed by a black bishop on a chess board during a chess game.

A fit body and a healthy mind are the pillars of a golden life. Be it a young child, a woman in her prime or a man in his sunset years, a mind that is agile is crucial. At Chess Set And More, we understand this completely and undeniably. It is why we started this website – as a tribute to a game that is known to be the perfect exercise for the brain. Without mental activity, the mind ultimately begins to suffer from forgetfulness, a certain numbness of brain, lack of concentration. If left unchecked, these simple issues can morph into serious problems.

We present a unique solution to such issues – Chess. Unlike what most people believe, Chess is not just a game of people who are highly intelligent or critical. It is a game that with practice can:

  •    Increase analytical power
  •    Improve learning
  •    Better thinking

And create more sound decision making for anyone.  Chess is important because, besides these abilities, it can bring foresight and planning qualities to the learner.  One can learn to be more disciplined and how to strategise better.

At Chess Set & More, we believe that the game can:

  •    Make you mentally dexterous
  •    Help formulate brilliant tactics
  •    Create a mental clarity that cannot be achieved elsewhere.

With us, you get a Sherlock-like memory, the concentration of a yogi and skills of a strategy master. These were just some of the reasons we came up with Chess Sets and More. These were just some of the reasons we came up with Chess Sets and More, thanks to our  Web Design Partner, DigitalSEO.