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An Introduction To The World Of Chess

Chess is an interesting game that is played by two people on a chessboard. There are sixteen different pieces allotted to each of the players. The chess pieces are divided into six different types according to the way they can be moved across the chessboard. The target of the game is to checkmate their opponent’s king piece. However, in some cases the games can end in case one of the players decides to resign or the game ends in a draw. The endless possibilities of playing chess make it a popular choice for people who are trying to improve their logical and reasoning skills.

Importance of Chess

  • A healthy mind and body is crucial for every child seeking to conquer their future.
  • Although participating in any sports activities or other physical exercises is enough to keep track of the physical health, it is a bit trickier to keep your mind healthy.
  • One way of going about this is by keeping your brain sharp by playing challenging games like chess, solving crosswords, attempting Sudoku puzzles, solving jigsaw puzzles and so on.
  • Chess if often considered as a game for intellectuals as it involves the use of critical thinking abilities and planning out strategies.
  • Interestingly, this is exactly why this makes chess a great way to improve the brain development in the child.
  • By playing chess on a regular basis, it helps children improve their thinking, learning, strategizing and analytical power.
  • It has also been observed to improve the decision making ability of children from a very young age itself.

Time For Action

If you are interested in taking a peek into the wonderful world of chess, you have come to the right place. Get tips from professional players to get started on playing chess.  Contact us to find out how you can start playing as well as how to improve your skills in playing this fascinating game.

Chess Tips and Tricks

If you are planning on becoming a chess champion in the future, here are a few tips from the experts to help you get started:

  • Master The moves  Like any other game, you cannot win a game of chess without knowing about all the possible moves each piece can make during the game.  The chess pieces have been put into six different groups based on the way they can be moved across the chessboard. For example, the knight can be moved in an L-shape, the bishop can move more than one square diagonally at a time.
  • Opening Moves  Every chess game starts by moving the pawn in front of the queen or the king two squares forward. This enables your queen and bishop chess pieces to enter the playing field.
  • Watch Your Opponent  Many beginner chess players make the rookie mistake of forgetting to keep an eye on their opponent’s moves. Chess is a game of strategy. You need to recognize the strategy that your opponent is putting in place in order to overcome and checkmate their king as soon as possible.

Top Chess Champions Of All Time

The world has seen many excellent chess players over the course of time. However, if you were to pick out the top players who have had an influence over this fascinating game, they would be Garry Kasparov, Viswanathan Anand, Bobby Fisher, Mikhail Botvinnik and Magnus Carlsen. These chess champions have demonstrated to the world how one can dominate a game gracefully with the right chess moves at the right time.  

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