How Can Arts Bring Positive Behaviour Changes In A Person?

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Importance Of Art

Everyone is gifted in one way or another. It is a matter of time when they realize that they have some ability to make creative things. People enjoy art in different ways, be it dance, music, painting, etc. When some people like to get involved in arts by creating something new, others like to experience it. As per faculties in a fine arts college in Chennai, arts help us psychologically, emotionally and helps us be better people. Therefore, it is important to make young students understand the importance of art.

Reasons To Opt For Art

Arts make us smarter, and here are the reasons to prove this.

1. Art Improves The Brain Activity

Researches show that when we study new things, our brain fills up with energy. Once the brain activity gets boosted, it will improve our memory skills. If your child is interested in designing, make sure that you support it by enrolling them in the best design course in Chennai.

2. Arts Develops Creativity

Arts enhances creativity, which is one of the foremost skills preferred by employers these days. Students who study art perform well in assessments and other competitions. Those students will also have greater flexibility and a clear thinking process.

3. Art Enhances Well-Being

Have you ever been to Art Therapy? Once you experience the therapy class, you will be surprised to see how calm you have become. Art has the power to lower your stress level and thus by improving your confidence. So how does art reduces stress?

Encourages Self-expression- Everyone, especially students, sometimes struggles with performance anxiety, leading to a high level of stress. By studying arts or going through art therapy can help people to express themselves safely.

An image representing Chess coins designed in a more artistic formCalms The Nervous System- Learning arts is quite meditative and calming. This helps in reducing stress and nervousness. Art can help a person think positively even in a difficult situation.

4. Art Makes You Attentive

When students get exposed more to the arts and become part of the art activities, it improves their focus. Recent studies show that focused training in art forms such as dance, music, theatre, etc., helps strengthen the brain’s attention system. This can improve the student’s ability to focus on their aim and future.

5. Arts Helps In Academics

Many studies have shown that students trained in arts perform much better in writing, math, and reading. They have also shown improved thinking skills such as problem-solving and decision making. Arts programs can help improve the student’s concentration skills, memory skills, critical thinking, listening skills, etc. and these skills are much required for academic success.

6. Art Help In Developing Empathy

One of the important skills that a person needs is empathy, where they can understand other’s feelings. Arts are a type of emotional expression, and it helps students develop empathy in two different ways- Viewing and Creating art.

Viewing Art- Arts is known to create emotional responses in their viewers. Watching a performance or listening to a song can produce an emotional response in the viewers. When children watch a performance, they will get connected to the performance emotionally. For example, when a performer performs on stage, their emotion will radiate through the room. While experiencing it, it becomes easier for the children to understand what feelings others are going through.

Creating Art- It is also important to know that children develop empathy when they are creating art. From singing a song to making a sculpture, children use their emotions to make the performance better.

7. Art Helps In Communicating Through Different Means

Children learn to communicate through different mediums of art. Students can improve their communication skills through art by choosing a medium to express their opinions and viewpoints. Even students who have language barriers can communicate through their selected art form. Studying arts allows the students to find their inner voice and to express their thoughts strongly.

Students interested in arts have shown major leadership skills, teamwork, strategy building, decision-making, planning and reflection. By making arts a part of your child’s education, you will be allowing them to realize their skills, which will make them confident and smarter. Know More

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