How Chess Improves Our Physical And Mental Ability

A chessboard in the background with black and white pawns higlighted in the front.

Mr. Lewis, who plays chess regularly, was associated with, who are in the healthcare domain for more than 10 years tells us – “Playing chess can also help people affected by the stroke and other disabilities to get recovered quickly. This is because the players have to make movements to move the chess pieces. The slow and gentle body motion helps to recover from the disability without much stress.”

Chess is a game that involves lots of mental ability. Thinking process plays a huge role in deciding the success of the players. Know how to organizing the thought process helps the player to make the right move in the given time. There are many books and materials available on how to master the art of structuring the thought process. What happens if you do not structure the though process? You will not be able to figure the possible threats from your opponent’s recent move and you will not be able to finalize your move within the specified time.

Making the right decision is very important in the game of chess. You have to select the right moves based on your opponent’s move. You have to keep on thinking to attack the opponent’s piece, while also safeguarding your pieces. You have to find when to sacrifice the pawn to gain a better position. There are different kinds of thoughts, you need to focus when playing the game. Tactical thinking, psychological thinking, emotional balance are some of the factors that come to play during the game. Structuring the thought process helps you easily handle all these things.

Psychological thinking is a crucial aspect of the mind games like chess. Psychological disturbance can make you lose the focus on the game. Psychological factors come to play at various instances. For example, if you have missed a great opportunity, then you feel bad about yourself for a long time, thus making drift you away from the game. There can be a psychological mental block when you are playing with a strong opponent. You should stay mentally fit at any point of the game. You should keep in mind that even a strong opponent will make mistakes. If you are psychologically affected, then you will not be able to realize the opponent’s move and tactics.

You should not be worried if the opponent takes a long time to make a move. This could be even a tactic by the opponent to distract your mind. Always keep your focus on the game, irrespective of the body language of the opponent.

A good chess player will always have a good patience to think and make the right move. You should never try to win the game quickly. You should never rush to make your moves quickly. You should think twice and thrice before making the move. You should not be elated or feel so much excited if you look like winning. Even such kind of emotion could make you do mistakes. You should stay calm throughout the game.

There are many advantages and benefits of structuring your thought process. The first advantage is that you will be able to manage the time. If you thought is not structured then you will be in a lot of confusions to take the right decision. With proper thought process, your mind is least affected by emotions and you will stay more focus on the game. You will be able to find out the threats from the opponent’s new move and think how to tackle it efficiently.