How Playing Chess Improves Academic Performance?

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As you all know chess is a game which is said to build various skills. It can strengthen your cognitive skills, mental ability and improves your concentration power. There are several other benefits of playing this game. Recent researches have proved that playing chess can improve academic performance, especially with students. Chess players are usually better in their academics. Thus people who practice chess perform better in IAS exams. Here you would find some of the benefits of chess based on academic performance.

Professionals at Chinmaya IAS Academy give us few points on how playing the game of chess regularly improves academic performance

Improves Problem Solving Skills
Students who play chess regularly solve the problems in their studies easily. The question paper for IAS exams includes questions where you have to arrive with a solution to a problem. Chess is a problem-solving game, and this skill helps students in their academic performance especially when they appear for competitive exams.

Helps To Make Decisions
Chess players have to make decisions based on the move of their opponent. The decision making should be quick. Students thus develop decision-making skill when they are good chess players. This skill would help them to face the IAS interview.

Improves Your Memory
Your memory would be significantly improved when playing chess. Thus chess players find it easy to remember the concepts of the various subjects that they study in their academics. This ability reflects when these students prepare for their IAS exams. Chess players would able to remember the essential concepts of the various subjects of the IAS exam. Thus they can crack the IAS exams easily with less effort.

Improves Logical Reasoning
Chess is a game that involves a lot of logic and reasoning. Students who play chess regularly as a hobby find it easy to solve logical and reasoning problems in their academics. This helps them to score good marks in their academics. Chess players mostly top the competitive exams as logical reasoning questions are a part of these exams.

You Strive For Excellence
Chess players fight until the end to win the game. They never give up. This quality is much required when preparing for your IAS exams. Every year thousands of students appear for the UPSC exams with a dream to enter the civil services. Aspiring students never give up and clear the exams after several attempts. This unique quality can be developed when playing chess. This helps them to become an IAS officer after several attempts.

Improves Concentration
Concentration is very important for chess players. During the game, they should not get distracted due to external factors. They should be aware of the moves of their opponent and also able to guess their next move. Chess players can concentrate on their studies. Concentration helps students to perform better in their studies. Concentration in a classroom session can help a great deal in grasping some of the important concepts of their academic subjects. When preparing for IAS exams these students do not yield to other external distractions like television, social media, mobile, chatting etc.
The above are some of the benefits of playing chess on academic performance.

10 Replies to “How Playing Chess Improves Academic Performance?”

  1. Chess is a game of foresight and strategic thinking and It can be very interesting to all those who play it. It is well known that chess can improve the ability of a person concerning critical and logical reasoning, also improving creativity.

  2. Chess is known to make people smart by way of logical and critical reasoning. It improves the concentration of children. Studies have shown that kids who play chess have better academic performance than kids who don’t. It also teaches the importance of planning and goal setting.

  3. Chess is the ideal sport for those looking to maintain a healthy brain. It has its advantages as it promotes lifelong mental health and also improves the function of the brain. Chess is of great benefit especially to children’s minds as they grow.

  4. Chess has a lot of benefits. Chess helps to improve their concentration, creativity and logical reasoning. But chess has been considered well not only for young developing minds but also for those people who find themselves in places like a rehabilitation centre.

  5. In a game of chess, the person will require vision to predict the possible outcomes and moves of the opponent, while also pulling out a proper strategy to counter those moves. It helps children to improve their analytical skills by way of thinking two or three moves ahead.

  6. I love to play chess and I have been playing since childhood. It is a mind blowing game that makes you think on various angles. It is a must to include game in schools. It can definitely enhance the player’s planning and thinking ability.

  7. Chess is one of the oldest games in the world. It is well known that it can build strong intellects. Most of the schools in the United States have started to include chess as part of academics so as to enhance the cognitive abilities.

  8. It is interesting to know about the features and benefits of chess for children. It is also surprising to know that it has been included as part of academics. I truly enjoyed reading this blog. The entire team has done a good job.

  9. It has been found that the chess offers remarkable effects. It does not only enhances maths and reading skills but also helps the child to socialize easily. As the child starts to play chess, he/she would get good socializing skills. It helps them to come out of their shell.

  10. It is a marvellous and wonderful thing to add chess along with academics. The children do not have to take specialized chess classes outside school. They can get all the training and skills within the school campus. I really appreciate for this move.

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