Chess for Education

Does chess for education make a person smarter? Well it certainly can’t hurt. Chess brings out all the abilities of an individual. Chess can also have a positive influence on the development of both numerical and verbal aptitudes. Critical thinking is improved and the ability to concentrate has been greatly enhanced.

Chess will also help with memory development, imagination and creativity. You will see images in your mind of chess positions and the placement of your pieces. Your style and personality will be original. Learning chess is an excellent way to improve your overall abilities.
Chess for education promotes problem solving, decision making, critical thinking, concentration, and IQ. Students who participate in school chess clubs show twice the improvement than that of non-chessplayers. Chess lovers everywhere have believed that chess should be included in school studies. An example of how chess has helped school children can be found in the success of the group “Royal Knights” J.H.S. 99 in New York City’s East Harlem.

The Knights would be the first American scholastic chess team ever to visit the Soviet Union. Playing against Soviet kids, the Knights obtained a 50-50 split. They had shown the Soviets, some of the strongest scholastic players in the world, that the kids from the streets of East Harlem could play chess. Read more on the Royal Knights here.
At the heart of all Chess-in-the-Schools programming is the chess instruction. The School Program teaches chess to students in elementary and middle schools as part of their academic school day. This program has been in existence for more than twenty years during which Chess-in-the-Schools has taught more than 400,000 students to play chess.

Chess Clocks


Chess clocks consist of two adjacent clocks and buttons to stop one clock while starting the other, such that the two component clocks never run simultaneously. Game clocks are used in two-player games where the players move in turn. The purpose is to keep track of the total time each player takes for his or her own moves, and ensure that neither player overly delays the game.

Often in chess tournaments, the player of the black pieces can make the decision as to what side of the chess board he or she would like the clock to be placed. But their use has since been adopted for tournament Scrabble, Shogi, Go, and nearly every competitive two-player board game, as well as other types of games such as Magic: The Gathering Online. The first time that game clocks were used in a chess tournament was London, 1883.

The simplest time control is “sudden death”, in which players must make a predetermined number of moves in a certain amount of time or forfeit immediately. A particularly popular variant in informal play is blitz chess, in which each player is given five minutes on the clock for the entire game.

The players may take more or less time over any individual move. The opening moves in chess are often played quickly, which leaves the players more time to consider more complex and unfamiliar positions later. It is not rare in slow chess games for a player to leave the table, but the clock of the absent player continues to run if it is his turn, or starts to run if his opponent makes a move.


BHB chess clocks have been a standard for years. Made in Germnay, the easy to use functionality combined with its’ reliability has made it a favorite choice for players. BHB offers both wood and plastic cases in a variety of attractive colors. Click on the BHB clock to visit the site.


Chess Boards to Match Every Chess Set

Chess boards to match every chess set – and fit every budget. From vinyl roll-up boards to folding boards to top quality wood boards of the finest hardwoods, this category has it all. Note that when matching boards to chess sets and chess pieces, the base size of the King needs to fit it correctly on the square size.

Of couse, nearly every set found there will recommend a square size for a matching board. But a good formula is to measure the base of the King and then add 1/2 inch for the best board square size to match your chess pieces. For tournament play you will want to choose between a 2.25 inch square and a 2.375 inch square for your board; however, they have boards for smaller chess pieces and for larger chess pieces.

Electronic Chess Sets

Chess computers and electronic chess sets – circuits that respond to the position of chess pieces on an actual chess board.

Chess computers are great for travel or a quick casual game, and now they play strong chess! Many extra features are normal, like game storage, etc. – some electronic chess computers models even talk! Plus with a memory saving function, you can turn off your computer chess game and continue later without losing any positions. ChessCentral carries the major brands (like Excalibur and Saitek), and besides, these chess computers and electronic sets are just plain fun!

ChessCentral has put together a computer chess guide to help you pick the perfect electronic set. The guide will show a comparison of electronic sets features. If you click on the name of the computer chess set you’re interested in, you may be able to see the manual for that product. ChessCentral is always looking for ways to serve their customers!