Chess is a game of strategies, unique methodologies,and unnerving game plans. Chess had been in prevalent in India since the seventh century. The 19th century marks the beginning of wooden chess sets in Great Britain. India is known for its hand sculptured arts wherein chess was a part of mythology too. Let me tell you all, I had been to an Online Diamond Jewellery site,and the beautiful chess set studded with diamonds blew me away! Chess helps improve the concentration levels and brilliance of a person and please click on the link know the uses of playing chess regularly.

Here are the five rich collections of chess sets that are antiques and mesmerizing:

1849 antique reproduced set-
1) The setis made of boxwood with the aid of chemicals.
2) The whites of the set are made of antique boxwood and the blacks with ebony wood.
3) This set was the first Staunton design produced in 1849.
4) This set is known as J. Jaques chess antique set.
5) Allen Dewey has his role in designing this set. He is an antique collector of items related to chess and a renowned historian.

1950 Bobby Fischer chess set (Dubrovnik set)-
1) The Bobby Fischer range of U.S.A. is incomparable and the best.
2) There is a wide range of designs and varieties in Dubrovnik chess set.
3) Bobby Fischer played on this chess set in a match against Boris Spassky in U.S.S.R.
4) He, later in an interview said that the match has become so famous as the set evoked a keen interest in both the players.

Soviet-era Russian series chess set (1940-50 reproduced)-
1) In the early twentieth century, U.S.S.R. gave birth to many legendary chess players who made the nation proud. The chess sets manufactured in this country were also the finest.
2) The Russian design of 1940’s and 1950’s reigned the world of chess.
3) The 4.13’’ king was quite attractive,and the opposite crowns’ design made this set a unique one.

Botvinnik Flohr 1935 reproduced chess set-
1) This chess set was manufactured in U.S.S.R. and was used first in the match between Botvinnik and Flohr. Hence, the name.
2) This set was brought into the limelight again after it was reproduced in 2016. Famous chess historian Alan Dewey played a crucial role in revamping this set.
3) This chess set was sold like hot cakes and loved by chess lovers all over the world.

Latvian reproduced chess set of 1950-
1) The Russians love the game of chess,and this Latvian chess set is a treasure trove for the lovers of chess.
2) This set represents the history of chess and has a rustic look and antique finish.
3) This set is a Soviet design and was first produced in 1950’s.

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