Chess is an ancient game, played between two opponents on a chessboard that is made up of 64 squares. Each player starts the game with sixteen pieces that include the king, the queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and finally eight pawns. The player attempts to capture his or her opponent’s king to be declared the winner of the game. This ancient game is believed to have originated from the Indian subcontinent somewhere around the seventh century, though some are of the opinion that it might have originated in China. Nevertheless, this game is a battle of wits amongst the two opponents which involvesRead More →

If you have just started playing the game of chess, you will want chess sets that will last for a long time. Usually the more expensive the set, the longer it will last. Do you want a set that you will play on extensively or one for decoration such as collector sets? How you use the set will basically determine how much you want to spend on it. The sets in use today havent changed much from past times. Shop around and enjoy some of the different and beautifully designed chess sets in the world today. You are bound to find that set that isRead More →

Chess tables are a great part of any chess collection. There are two kinds of game tables. Tables that have just a chess board are great for chess or checker players. But, if many games are necessary, multi-game tables can be found that include any combination of chess, backgammon, cribbage, checkers, and cards. Think about your need for storage in your table. This is especially true if you plan to play several different games and can’t store the pieces on the game table. Finding space to play chess can be a challenge, especially if there are a lot of family members sharing the same house!Read More →

I wish to write that studying of a video course «The Grandmaster’s secrets» by Igor Smirnov has changed my chess outlook to a considerable degree. First of all, the course learns to think correctly during the chess game. When you start to think in a correct direction, progress in understanding of game occurs quickly and effectively. Otherwise, the player at some instant understands that as though he tried to continue to accumulate further knowledge – the effect from it will be very small. It was happened with me. One day I realized that my training brings no progress at all. Course studying has allowed meRead More →

The Staunton chess set is made up of a particular type of chess pieces to play chess. The style is used for competition. The design was created by Nathaniel Cook and was named after the chess player Howard Staunton. The pieces are the standard pieces of use. The Staunton pieces look like columns with wide bases and felt covering the bottoms. Knights look like horses. The king has a stylish closed crown and a cross pattee. Queens have a coronet top with a tiny ball. Rooks resemble castles and bishops look like a western style mitre. Pawns being small are topped by a round ball.Read More →