Chess Tips For The Beginners

Chess is not a game of luck or fluke. It is a serious mental game that requires lots of planning, patience and mental skill. You will surely lose the game if you make a move without any thought. There are no cheap tricks to master this game. You have to learn rules thoroughly before you start playing the game. In this article, we will not teach you the tricks but the genuine tips, which can really help to improve your game.

There are many opening systems in the game of chess. It is important for a beginner to know the different opening system so that you can start the move according to the opponent. Making the opening move without any planning or knowledge cannot bring you victory, especially if the opponent is bi skilled.

You should use your X-ray vision when playing the game. X-ray vision is an analogy to see the things that are hidden and cannot be seen with naked eye. Using X-ray vision in the game of chess refers to the ability to see the hidden traps made by your opponent. Missing the hidden trap could lead to the loss of your piece, or even get checkmated.

You should never be overconfident, even when you are playing with an utter novice. These sense of overconfident or arrogance will surely black out your mind and eventually make your loss your pieces and the game. Your mind should be on the guard till you finish the game. Even the slightest mistake can cost the game dearly anytime. So, you should never give rest to your mind till the game is over.

You should have the attitude of a fighter when playing the chess. You should never lose the confidence at any point of time, even if you have lost some of the pieces. Making the moves with lack of confidence or half-heartedly will strengthen the opponent. Keep in mind that you always have some opportunity as the opponent too can make some costly mistake. Staying confident like a fighter will surely help you win the game, or at least go for a draw rather than losing.

It is must to avoid getting into the time-trouble as it will paralyze your mind. If you are someone, who frequently get into time-trouble, then you should prepare your opening move and make the first 12-15 moves in few minutes.

You should never allow your mind occupied by the fear when you are playing with the strong opponent. You should know that fear can significantly diminish your mental capability during the game. Having fear in mind is not going to help you anyway. So there is no need to fear, always face the strong opponent with confidence.

You should not feel sad about the missed opportunities. Keep on thinking about the missed opportunities will surely make you go out of the concentration on the game. So, you should keep on moving and make sure that you don’t commit the same mistake again. By following the above tips, you would surely play the game better.

Chess And Its Health Benefits


Chess is one of the popular games played by people of different ages, across the globe. Though this game has a long history, it became popular in the modern world after the Chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer during 1950’s and 1960’s. Playing this game can exercise the very important organ in your body – the brain. By playing this game regularly one can improve their mental skill and health, which is a great asset for as you reach old age. In this article, we will discuss the importance of chess and its top ten health benefits.

By playing chess, you give lots of work and exercises to the brain. This game tends to stimulate or promote the dendrite’s growth. Dendrites are responsible for sending the signals from the neuron cells of the brain. With more dendrite’s the brain’s ability to process becomes faster. The brain is like a processor in the computer CPU. With more dendrites the communication with neurons becomes easier, thus improving the processing capability of the brain.

The brain is generally divided into two sides – right side and left. It is said that one half of the brain is responsible for creativity skill, while the other half is for analytical skill. Playing chess helps to activate both sides of the brain, it means you can improve both your analytical and creative skill.

Some say that smart people love to play chess, while some say that playing chess helps to make the people smart. According to the research conducted, it is found that playing chess helps to raise the IQ level in both boys and girls. So, do not wait. Get a chess board and start raising your IQ levels.

Aged people tend to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease because of the degeneration of brain nerves and cells. By exercising the brain, we can prevent the brain’s muscles from degeneration. Chess is one of the games, that not offers entertainment but also exercises our brain muscles. A study conducted one of the popular medical journals says that people playing the mental games like chess are likely to develop mental conditions like dementia.

Problem-solving skills are very important for modern day human beings. We are living in a tough and competitive environment, where problem-solving skills are very much important. Playing chess requires the players to think fast and solve the problem quickly. Therefore, playing chess frequently or regularly will surely boost your problem-solving capability.

The prefrontal cortex is one of the last parts to develop during the adolescence period. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for planning, judgmental and self-control. As playing chess requires critical thinking, it helps to develop the prefrontal cortex.

The chess players have to remember the complex rule of the game. With more need to remember, the player’s memory capacity increases. This is the reason why good chess players have good memory and recall.

Playing chess can also help people affected by the stroke and other disabilities to get recovered quickly. This is because the players have to make movements to move the chess pieces. The slow and gentle body motion helps to recover from the disability without much stress.