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Chess is a game that requires a lot of patience and the ability to foresee your opponent’s moves. This beautiful game is played using a chess set where the board is made up of 64 squares and 16 pieces for each player. These 16 pieces represent the king, the queen, two knights, two rooks, two bishops and eight pawns. Chess Sets and More has devoted itself to developing beautiful chess sets to add beauty to this intellectual game. The perfect chess set is as elusive as the perfect sunset. However, Chess Sets and More devotes itself to creating sets that can be displayed proudly in your lounge or passed down as a memorable heirloom.

Earlier chess sets were rudimentary replicas of the ones available today. The oldest chess discovered to date is from Butrint in southern Albania. The piece is stated to be from 465 AD. Although scientists are still debating as to whether this is, in fact, a chess piece or not, it pushes back the origin of chess to further in the past than believed till now.  In Europe, the earliest chess pieces are believed to be the Isle of Lewis chess pieces which are currently on display at the National Museum of Antiquities in Edinburgh and the British Museum.  Although the pieces come from a combination of four different sets it contains the oldest known bishop in the history of chess pieces.

As time passed by, the chess pieces also started evolving to assume the St. George design by the 19th century. However, it was not until Nathaniel Cook designed the Staunton Chess set did the patterns we are familiar with today.  The intent behind designing the Staunton chess set was an attempt to help players distinguish between the different chess pieces.  Cook implemented design patterns which were in the simplest form and easily recognizable making chess a pleasurable game once again.

The Staunton chess set is made up of the King with a crown, the Queen with a coronet, the Bishop with a miter, the Knight With a horse’s head , the Rook resembled a castle and last but not least the pawn with a round head. Chess Sets and More have several sets that celebrate the Staunton set in its purest form to give the players to feel connected with the rich history of Chess in civilization.  Each piece is handcrafted by talented craftsmen. If you are looking for well-made chess pieces that will stand the test of time, your answer lies at Chess Sets and More.

Chess Sets and More plays a prominent role in encouraging chess players in the local community by holding regular chess tournaments and offering coaching classes for beginners. According to studies by experts, chess has the ability to improve your grasping power as well as mental ability, which can help you in the different arenas of your life.  Interestingly, kids as young as 5 years are able to grasp the nuances of this complicated game when exposed to it from a young age itself.

Chess Sets and More was set up initially as a small firm by a group of chess players who wanted to share their passion for the game with the world. As time passed by , the number of customers increased, forcing Chess Sets and More to expand and hire more people. The current team behind Chess Sets and More are all enthusiastic chess players and impart their love for the game to each set that is created. Chess Sets and More offer a wide range of chess sets priced from low to high to fit any pocket. Browse through our online catalogue and make a choice today!