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The best chess opening training usually starts with a thorough understanding of the opening that you choose. You need to understand why certain moves were made to reach an ideal position. You may want to play an open game where there is usually more attacking chances and tatical situations or you may choose a closed game where strategy and positional understanding are necessary. Whichever opening you choose, study the true meaning of the positions that arise out of them and you will be on your way to becoming a good chess player and the opening will be much easier. The best chess opening training software programs, for training in chess openings, come in several varieties.

You might specialize in the off-beat 1.f4 Bird's Opening, or tackle the main lines of the Accelerated Dragon. There is chess opening software to download too, from general surveys to detailed (and original!) chess opening theory. Chess opening will help you improve your game.

You can find the best chess opening training software programs, with recommended lines by Grandmasters tested in actual play. You can also get chess opening software, such as the Fritz Powerbook, which makes chess playing programs even stronger!

You will find chess opening theory combined with interactive software - these chess software programs for the PC are at the leading edge of chess. Best chess opening training.

Top Ten Openings of Chess

The Stonewall Attack

The Stonewall Attack is a solid chess opening. It is used by lower level players with devastating effect. The Classical Stonewall Attack details

Discover the value in annotated chess games.

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What is Chess Theory

Best Chess Tips for Opening Game by mary jon

Having a good opening is always considered as an important stage when playing chess. You certainly have to follow each and every chess tips, gambit, pinning and castling to make your game very much effective. During opening stage most players try their level best for making their middle game very much effective. This stage is also very much crucial as players generally make use of their tactics and chess tips to place their pieces in the best position for advancing to the middle game. This is one phase that may last for around 15 different moves for each of the player but there are a number of high level players who might also play around 30 or more moves during their opening game. Experienced players also make use of tactics and chess tips to bring the game to an end. So if you are looking for a proper opening for your chess game, then you need to follow best guidelines. This certainly does not mean that guidelines need to be followed in every case, but you can always expect to enter effective middle game, using best principles. When playing chess, you have to try and control your center position. You have to ensure that you have complete advantage in space so that all your pieces are able to move freely on the chess board. In case you are having disadvantage in space then you could always end up in a cramped position and all your pieces might in fact have less space to move leading to a difficult game.

Try making use of best chess strategies like castling, pinning or gambit in your game. Always keep in mind that to make your game more effective you have to advance your Knights even before your Bishops. The fact is that Knights certainly are considered to have a much shorter range as compared to Bishops. Knights are known to hop around two squares where as Bishops can advance any number of squares. Tempo is an important chess tips when making your moves. Avoid making several moves using a single piece or else you could be left far behind in your game. One of the main points to keep in mind when playing chess, is that you don't have to move your Queen much early in the game. Always try to place your King in a very safe position on the chess board so any attack from your enemy pieces can be avoided. One of the best chess tips is to try castling either from the King or the Queen side.

Open Your Game With the London System

The London System is a good opening for beginning chess players. It doesn't waste any time developing the dark squared bishop. The London System doesn't open with very aggressive moves and usually converts into a closed type game. Most players use this system against the King's Indian Defense systems. You shouldn't have any trouble with the opening lines of the London System because they are easy to learn and is considered a straight forward system. Even as an experienced player, I use the London because of it's ease of play and drawing chances.

The London System has possibilities for a quick King-side attack. The line came into fashion in the 1922 London tournament as a way of meeting hypermodern play. After the opening white has a solid position. Most top chess players consider the opening boring. Incorporate the London System into your chess arsenal. I'm sure you will score many victories with it. It’s no secret why the London System is such a popular opening, especially at club level. White’s development plan is very easy to learn, and it can be employed against virtually any defense. White can choose to attack directly or to play positionally. The London System


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