Most chess masters believe chess for kids develops intelligence, self-control, the ability to analyze and better concentration. They also believe that reading skills are exceptionally improved. Teachers say that chess playing students develop a better ego. They say students who feel confident learn to read better. Chess provides practice in making accurate and fast decisions. This practice can help improve exam scores at school. Chess for kids. Find the best chess sets, chess pieces, and chess equipment for kids available anywhere! All products have been tested for ease of use and age appropriateness. Tough and rugged chess equipment for rough and tumble kids! Remember,chess improvesRead More →

Best Chess Articles? There are many chess websites who offer articles on chess. Some of them have excellent content, others have very little. Some have articles that have nothing whatsoever to do with Chess. I have visited many chess websites in my search to find the best articles as I enjoy reading anything about the game I love. Being that I am not a writer, I can only lead you to what I think are the best articles, and this is only my opinion as I am sure there are others who have their own special preferences to articles. Some great websites actually to comeRead More →

Does chess for education make a person smarter? Well it certainly can’t hurt. Chess brings out all the abilities of an individual. Chess can also have a positive influence on the development of both numerical and verbal aptitudes. Critical thinking is improved and the ability to concentrate has been greatly enhanced. Chess will also help with memory development, imagination and creativity. You will see images in your mind of chess positions and the placement of your pieces. Your style and personality will be original. Learning chess is an excellent way to improve your overall abilities. Chess for education promotes problem solving, decision making, critical thinking,Read More →

Chess clocks consist of two adjacent clocks and buttons to stop one clock while starting the other, such that the two component clocks never run simultaneously. Game clocks are used in two-player games where the players move in turn. The purpose is to keep track of the total time each player takes for his or her own moves, and ensure that neither player overly delays the game. Often in chess tournaments, the player of the black pieces can make the decision as to what side of the chess board he or she would like the clock to be placed. But their use has since beenRead More →

Chess boards to match every chess set – and fit every budget. From vinyl roll-up boards to folding boards to top quality wood boards of the finest hardwoods, this category has it all. Note that when matching boards to chess sets and chess pieces, the base size of the King needs to fit it correctly on the square size. Of couse, nearly every set found there will recommend a square size for a matching board. But a good formula is to measure the base of the King and then add 1/2 inch for the best board square size to match your chess pieces. For tournamentRead More →